New Workshop

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After trying for my entire adulthood, I finally have a workshop. There’s more to it than this, but the fact that my tools and supplies are visible, organized and accessible at the same time is unprecedented.

The white cabinet is actually an Ikea kitchen cabinet — I bought it to use up a bunch of Ikea drawers left over from the remodel (don’t ask — seriously, don’t) and then I made a countertop for it. The drawers are nice and deep and hold my tools that don’t have cases.

I wish I had a whole bunch more of those steel Wall Control pegboards — my girlfriend got them for me for Christmas and they are absolutely badass.

Offscreen to the left is another tech bench with organizer drawers and a top shelf with a neat row of tools in cases. I still have a bit of work to do, some more bins to consolidate and some duplicate tools to get rid of. It was deeply embarrassing how many things I had multiples of; a whole bin of picture-hanging hardware and hollow-wall anchors, five stapleguns (!) eight measuring tapes (damn things just disappear all the time) four dustpans, five hammers, two jigsaws, three circular saws, enough plant hooks to turn the library into a forest, several pounds of drywall screws, enough pegboard accessories for about another whole garage (I’ve been gearing up for this for over a decade). It was just ridiculous.

But it’s here and now I can finish so many of the projects that remain around the house. First project will be the knobs in the kitchen at last, then I will make two windowsills so that I can call one room in the house completely done (the master bathroom), Next will be the kitchen, then its time to focus on the library I think.