When did it become OK for HR departments to simply not respond to resumé submissions at all?  Not even a “We’ve received your resume and we’ll let you know if we find anything suitable”?  This seems arrogant and unprofessional.  Did this happen with the meltdown or has it been going on for a long time?  I know that as a hiring manager I thought it was simply a matter of professionalism to provide at least a minimum of civility, even if I wasn’t hiring at the time.

I’m finding that sites that are even soliciting resumés for a given position aren’t responding at all.  You submit it and a badly designed web forms processor reports in geekspeak that the upload succeeded, and after that… [sound of crickets chirping in the distance…]

In the litigious US, it’s also become bad practice to actually tell the prospective employee why they didn’t get the job.  It opens one up to lawsuits.  And because sume buttheads sued companies over what was said about why they didn’t get a job, none of us get to find out any more.  ”Wrong fit.”  I’ve asked for tips on my interviewing technique or critiques, but I get the same response as if I had submitted a resumé.

It creates a culture of desperation, an unfortunate establishment of an extreme power imbalance that has a historic habit of eroding labor relations and even employee’s rights.  I’ve already seen hints of that “Just be glad you have a job” attitude from employers that is so dangerous.It’s easy to forget in these difficult times that companies really do need us employees to exist — the proof is that there are open reqs here and there. Do you think that a publicly-held company would be actually hiring anyone if they weren’t desperate to fill it?  Shareholders don’t like that; they want to see headcount or at least operating expenses go down. So have a little pride, and don’t just take whatever bullshit they try to hand you.  Sure, they’ll just hire someone else with a little less self-respect, but they’ll also know that they had to let a better candidate walk away, which at least puts a damper on their hubris, and maybe keep it from running amok.