Office Shelves

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The accursed office shelves are finally up. Not having these has created chaos for three years. I still have to finish one plank in the top left corner that needs special treament due to the roof slant, but the hard part is finished.

They’re seriously overbuilt because I plan to load them with the various paper stocks we’ve accumulated, which currently occupy several very heavy boxes. And you can’t just build a couple shelves heavy duty, you kind of have to build them all that way.

I tried to build them cheaply myself; it didn’t work. I built them myself but it was not cheap. I ended up with like 26 brackets at $7 a piece (the cheaper ones looked wimpy), and like $130 in melamine shelf planks. Plus I replaced the weedy little bracket screws with big ol’ ⅜” x 2½” lag screws and washers to go right into the studs (I am now emotionally attached to the Makita cordless impact driver I bought recently) and I bought tie plates for the joins up on the tops to keep them even and distribute the weight a bit. All this bought me a whopping 30 square feet of strong shelf space. I think these shelves could hold me.

(The fun part is knowing that all this is probably making somebody out there feel stirrings in naughty places.)

I had a cool little system. The impact drill for the heavy work of screwing in the big lags and drilling pilot holes all over the place and the little Bosch cordless screwdriver for everything else. I used a laser level on a tripod to get everything even, which worked GREAT, and a little mini level to cross-check and straighten the bracket. I could rapidly go from bracket to bracket alternating between the three hand tools. Sweet.

And finally, after three years, I was able to install the in-wall speaker you see there. I’ve been waiting for the shelves to go in so I knew where I could install that; the ugly wire has been hanging out of a tiny lump in the wall like a persisent umbilicus for this whole time, mocking me. Now I can go around putting the rest of them in (which will clear space in my wiring closet) and reach a new kind of nerdvana. I’ll have music in my room, the kitchen, this office and even my bathroom.

I confess I had somehow forgotten how astonishingly pervasive drywall dust is, especially when you use a Rotozip, and the room got kind of trashed. Oops.