Again with the not going back to sleep after dropping Grey off.  What a good boy am I.  I came back and got to work, working the networks (of people) a bit.  I got frustrated because I have so many collections of contact information with a mix of stale data.  I guess I should sign up for Plaxo or something but I simply resolved to gather all that data in one place — my Mac Address Book.  I liked that you can sync it into the cloud with MobileMe, and subsequently onto my iPhone.  Nice backup, nice accessibility, nice synchronization.

I had recently, at long last, found the data cable for my old Samsung phone so i could suck all the contacts off of it.  So I finally sat down and consolidated all that stuff once and for all.  Up to the cloud it went, down to my phone it didn’t.  I have noidea why.  MobileMe could find my phone via GPS, and the options were all turned on, and I tried syncing from the system prefs and updating from the MobileMe web site. No dice.

And when I headed downtown to conduct some business at the Adobe offices, the guy I called had left his cel phone in his trunk.  So I was stuck in the lobby, still smarting from the mild humiliation of the guy at the parking garage booth calling his manager to see if it was OK to let me in the building, and I could not find anyone in my phone list who was actually in the building at the time.  They were in the master phonelist in MobileMe, but Apple does not allow you to log into that site from the iPhone, insisting resolutely that there is no need as everything is synchronized.

I was there in the lobby for almost 40 minutes before I managed to get upstairs.

On the bright side I saw a buddy from another product team who said there were “rumblings” about needing some extra help on a product I like and know very well, so that could be cool.  I guess that’s why the universe stuck me in that lobby for all that time.

After Adobe I went to Fry’s to return a barbequeued USB hub.  I wonder if plugging all those drives into it fried it?  In any case I got a different one that works very well.  While I was there I surveyed the computer training books aisle, rows of books with titles like “ASP.NET for Dummies,” and I was awestruck by all the stuff I don’t know.  I’m going to have to focus the scope of my retraining a little.

So I guess it was mostly a down day.  Not without its highlights, but it was the first really hard day emotionally for me since the day I got sacked.