Today was spent mostly wrestling with technical problems in the computers at the house, especially Shoshanah’s iMac which has been kernel-panicking routinely.  I wiped the internal drive, reinstalled Snow Leopard and copied the data from a backup on an external drive.  It SEEMS to be stable now but we’ll see.

I’m sure glad for Time Machine, though restoring a half terabyte over a network took 12 hours when I did it Friday, and connected via USB it still took like 5 hours.  >whew!<  But now Time Machine is complaining that my server volume isn’t big enough.  I think it no longer recognizes what’s already there?  Not sure.  More housecleaning to do.

I upgraded the firmware in my Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive to v1.0.40 and mostly it’s a step backward. The media shows up in iTunes but with 57,000-odd files it takes four minutes for the list to appear.  There are many duplicates so I cn’t usually just hit Play, and I can’t manage the duplicates from within iTunes on a shared server.  And I can’t make playlists either.  So in the end: Not useful.  In the meantime the permissions control now works backwards: Each share point is set to “Everyone” by default, and there’s a list of users you grant access to — which is weird.  And when you choose a user, it gets set to “Secure”, which makes sense, but then the list of users disappears, which does not.  But it doesn’t matter because now all my Macs only see a “backup” share and none of the other shares regardless of setting or how they’re connected.  If I log in it offers another share named for the user but that mostly can’t be accessed when you click on it.  The BitTorrent feature doesn’t work at all and according to the user forums it never has.  They added a new feature with a new release for automatically resizing photos or some shit but pulled it because that feature didn’t work right — the few who got to it in time were outraged that it didn’t fix the torrent thing.  The ftp server feature thinks it’s working but the connection keeps being refused.  I’ve routed all inbound ftp requests to the server in my firewall.  Still could be a configuration issue, but as upgrade features go I’m 0 for 5.  Monday I’ll try to figure out how to downgrade the firmware.

I cleaned up the kitchen Mac of bloat and got it backed up; it’s sort of my development machine for the moment, with all my Web development, Flex Builder and so on on it.  I need to get that on a separate machine since it’s supposed to be a family machine.  I’ll do that when I get the office sorted out.

I’m plowing through various external drives and consolidating data.  I’ve deleted hundreds of gigabytes of Adobe stuff, chiefly test movies.  That felt pretty good.  Bummer for my friends still at Adobe but that’s the way it goes.  They can make more test movies I’m sure.  I have a lot of partitions that aren’t the right size or format for what I need them to be so I have to keep moving data around so that I can wipe the drives.  The ones where I used a Master Boot Record can’t be resized or anything, got to start fresh.  Basically trying to wrangle my backup and archive space has been feeling like scooping up mercury.  But I’ll get there.

I’m experimenting with the beta of Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst.  Right now I’m distracted by FB4′s support for PHP, that’s pretty fun.  I’m making a Flex-based admin browser for osCommerce.  I’ll let you know how it goes.   I think an admin console for osCommerce might be a nice portfolio piece.

I got DreamWeaver set up to edit all of the sites I’m managing. Synchronizing took a long time mostly because of all the copies of the HannahGrey server I have — ZenCart versions, staging versions, backup versions etc.

I also sucked down all the content from a hosting service I don’t use any more.  Now I think I can kill it, which will save $100 a year.  Not much but hey it’s something.

Hopefully this is the most boring blog post I will ever write.  And the most boring weekend I will ever have.