I use Akismet to keep comment spam out of my blog.  It’s amazingly good at it.  Sometimes I look at the strange things that get put in there as an excuse to link to some place where I can buy airplane tickets or Viagra. It usually takes one of three forms:  A long list of links, in there to improve the Google PageRank of those sites; a gneeric and innocuous comment like “I hadn’t thought of it from that perspective”; or some random text from god knows where that might fool a Bayesian filter into thinking it’s legitimate.  Here’s one comment in that last category that I found to be entertaining:

“I didn’t arrange it that way,” I mumbled, still only half awake and wishing I could have finished off the teddy bears.

It’s been a harder day for me.  A little low on technical successes on some of the things I’ve been working on, and the ComplaintStream™ from everyone around me has been getting me down.  I kind of had to put myself on time out just now because I could no longer deal with my family’s energy.