Managed not to waste the day again today.  Got up before 8, got the kid to school, did NOT go back to bed. Managed a whole bunch of relevant stuff to future livelihoods.

Idiot plumber flaked out again today.  My brother did not flake out, came over and spent a few hours first with my son and then with me working on some income-generating ideas.

I helped out my electrician friend by seizing control of his orphaned domain name (url on the side of his truck 403’s); I’ll help him build his website back up and I’ll be a consultant on low-voltage (networking, audio, video) issues for his business.

I also discovered that one of my hosting accounts had NO domains pointing to it.  Got that cleared up now. I unpacked several of the boxes from my office, a peculiar sort of humiliation.  And once again faced the stress of not having places for things.  A lot of this stuff went to my office BECAUSE I didn’t have places for them in my home.  But I really needed some of the books and documents in there.

Finished off setting up a Squid cache proxy server on my virtual dedicated server so Elisa can watch TV in Italy on services that check for domestic IP’s. 🙂 Gordon did the vast majority of the work, for which I’m grateful.  I just had to create some user accounts, test it a bit, and pull reports to make sure it was all working. doesn’t think much of it (black screen with a simple error message reading “ERROR” appears in red) but it works OK with Hulu.

Started reviewing the termination packet from Adobe.  The outplacement service appears to be completely worthless.  They review your resume, and you can use their fax machines and stuff, and that’s about it.  They don’t actually help you find a job.  I wonder how much that cost Adobe?  Would it cost as much as, say, a subscription to so that I can get some tech training that might actually  help me land a new gig?  I’m actually going to bring that up with them.

My email is now bouncing but I can’t seem to get them to at least put my new address in the bounce message, much less forward emails.  God that’s annoying.  That is going to bite me in the ass for years.  That’s easily the worst part of losing my job there.

The weird thing is that I am technically an employee for two more months but I’m cut off from everything.  I went down there to have a few beers with my colleagues tonight and I had to use the visitor entrance, get the escort, the whole bit.  While there I tried to order software but I’m locked out of that too.  I’m still eligible to buy it but now I have to use (shudder) a paper order form.  Sheesh.

So here’s a weird thing.  I went to an event last night downtown called Dr. Sketchy’s (I’ll do a separate post on that) where I had the opportunity to draw some of MY kind of life drawing models.  Afterward I went to talk to the models and the host.  They were perfectly nice to me, sweet and encouraging.  Couldn’t have been friendlier.  But I had a really hard time just being Mike Jennings, some balding schlub who can’t draw.  It wasn’t long before I dragged my relationship to Adobe into the conversation, and I realized that it was completely unnecessary, the conversation would not have been any different if I hadn’t said anything.

So when will I be OK with not having Adobe as part of my identity?