I Think I’m Trying to Kill Myself

Originally uploaded by Tymcode

I have made so many mistakes with so many mysterious chemicals today that I’m just walking around the kitchen in this painter’s respirator.

I keep doing things like heating up copper without removing the plastic backing. That iron there? Just ruined it. Tried to do an acetone/heat transfer off of coated stock, and the back of the paper had an invisible plastic coating on it that fused to the iron. I got it off as best I could but this iron will now smell terrible for eternity.

And then there’s the etchant — 2 parts muriatic acid (pool acid) to one part hydrogen peroxide. I tried to be nice and neutralize it afterwards with a bunch of baking soda but that caused it to bubble and sizzle and emit a suspicious gas.

Finally there’s the patination solution, this wicked Griffith stuff — who knows what’s happening when that gets warm.


Note the open window. Can I just say that it’s damned cold outside today?