Poladroid – Click it so see the gritty details

Originally uploaded by Tymcode
In the lower left is my original picture. I dragged it into a little Mac application called Poladroid a couple of times, and this is what I got.

What this app does is crop your picture to square, frame it in a Polaroid frame, add vignetting, add some random dust, and transform the color in Polaroid-like ways.

The first thing it does is pop out a little mini-polaroid that is the dull brown we know and love. And then it actuallymakes you wait for it to develop! Slowly.

If you turn the Stripe on in the preferences, it will add a fingerprint on the photo, the paper, or both, in random positions. It also randomizes the color effects, as you can see at the lower right from another one I got from the same picture.

Extra fun fact — if you put an alias to Poladroid in the Lightroom Export Actions folder, you can generate a Poladroid picture directly from Lightroom. (If you want me to explain that in detail, comment or email. you can do the same trick with Flickr Uploadr.)

Admit it — you love it.

Thanks to galadarling for bringing this fun little application to my attention.