I’ve been hearing a lot of “The words ‘Separation of Church and State’ do not appear anywhere in the Constitution” lately. Those words are just an abbreviation for an idea embodied in the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

This invalidates many arguments concerning the legislation of morality (Prop 8, for example) and other social legislation issues like the teaching of creationism in schools, or the inclusion of religion in the Flag Salute.

I am not against religion. But I just want everyone to be clear on a few things. America was founded by people fleeing the imposition of a religion at odds with their personal beliefs. The Constitution was intentionally designed to protect individual freedom of religion. We may be a predominantly Christian nation, but to impose those beliefs as a matter of law is expressly un-American, and is the exact behavior of the peoples with whom we are currently at war — and why we’re still at war with them.

We are a nation of many religions, founded on a principle of personal freedom and freedom of religion, and freedom from religious persecution. To justify the passage of laws that persecute people whose beliefs or lifestyles are at odds with your own is just religious extremism, and given how this country was founded, it is the most un-American thing a citizen can do.

My Sign for Saturday’s Protest.

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