This vote is really close and is throwing around a lot of silly lies about what will happen if it doesn’t pass, esp with regard to education.  It’s all untrue — California law prohibits any health or family teachings from being taught against a parent’s will.  Similarly, the stuff about churches losing their tax-exempt status is impossible by specific wording in the law.  There’s more, but the bottom line is that all Prop 8 does is write discrimination against one group of people into the state constitution.

No matter what you think about what the word “marriage” means — it does not belong In the California constitution.  Trying to say “civil unions can be just the same” is not only legally untrue, it’s also an example of the separate-but equal limbo that blacks endured until it was determined that it’s just another kind of discrimination that doesn’t improve anyone’s life.

If this law passes and you voted for it, you will have helped consign people who love each other to a lifetime of struggle for equality and isolated unhappiness.  I don’t understand why you would want to do that to people you don’t know and who have no effect on your life.

And what if Grey turns out to want to marry another man?  He’ll be the one who has to fight for every benefit that marriage already enjoys.  He’ll the the one with the second-class union, permanently stuck at the card table during the Thanksgiving meal of marital bliss.  He’ll be the one wondering why his grandma did not want him to have a happy stable life with someone he loves.

I don’t understand why you would risk doing that to people you love just because you think marriage should only mean one thing.

Please vote no.  Vote no because doing so won’t change your life in any way at all, and it can change the lives of others unimaginably.  Vote no for Grey — just in case. Vote no for me, because it’s really important to me.