This woman from Quebec known here and there as La Flaneuse has singlehandedly revived my interest in graphic design. I found her on flickr as copyright depuis 1965, I think for her photography. But the most recent sets of images she has posted has caused me to re-evaluate the relationship between image processing and graphic layout.

Le Temps de Vivre and Le Trou Noir are magnificently elegant harmonies of composition and Photoshop processing. I’ve been looking at the way she uses her palette and the way she washes images in elegant decay to create a tranquil, focused whole, where each would be significantly less interesting and effective without the other.

She’s also revived my interest in typography by her restrained, impactful use of face and whitespace, and even image processing that I forget to do on the text itself. Time to figure out smart filters on type layers in Photoshop…

So I’m just going to confess it right now — just about everything I do in Photoshop for at least a while is probably going to be a shameless aping of this mysterious designer.
Update: Her blog is now at téte de caboche.