Ray of Light

Originally uploaded by Tymcode

This illuminated shrine is dedicated to Steve Irwin. Goofball delivery and ironic death aside, he was a great conservationist and used his popularity and his money well.

The shrine was created in Jane Wynn‘s Illuminated Shrine class at Art Unraveled 2008. It features a fetal ray, a stingray spine, a chipboard gear and alcohol inks that came from Hannah Grey. The frame was a gaudy thing from Ross or somewhere like that and the shadow box is made from an Altoid-style mint tin (treated with alcohol inks and a blowtorch), and the rice lights were procured from the wedding aisle of a hobby store– these were all provided to the class by the instructor for the project.

I ended up using the back of the frame since the rhinestone-studded front didn’t suit the imagery. (Besides, the back took alcohol inks wonderfully.) The stage (the chipboard gear) is fastened to a little bezel cut from a copper pipe and soldered directly to the mint tin as a standoff. I believe I might have had to add a couple washers in there to clear the tips of the tiny lights poking through from the back.