Jules TTV 2

Originally uploaded by Tymcode
Here’s my first (well, second) through-the-viewfinder-style photo of my wife’s newest doll, Jules. The grime layer is from the viewfinder of an old Brownie I got at the flea market. I appropriated the bezel from a TTV of an Argus 75 by Flickr user “Kat…” since my Brownie’s is weird. Vignetting and color transformation was done in Photoshop with Hue/Saturation and Levels adjustment layers, mostly, and Lens Blur.

I was hoping to photograph this large Pullip doll with her other dolls but he has the unfortunate effect of making Blythe’s (dis)proportions even weirder, and if he stands too close to a Momoko he looks like a paedophile. So I guess I’ll just get my vintage-portrait jollies from him and leave it at that.