Anyone who’s been following my Flickr or my Zenphoto knows that I’ve just gotten a new camera, a Nikon D80. I confess I have some “special” feelings for this camera. I have not been so emotional about a gadget since my first encounter with a Sawzall. I kinda went a bit nuts with it; I blew the money I was going to spend on a new Mac buying lenses (for the camera nerds: The 50mm prime, the 18-200 VR, the 60mm f/2.8 macro, all three are Nikon/Nikkor lenses) and other accessories. But Oh! the pictures!

Here’s the first shot with the macro lens I got last night. We never realized how filthy this cat is. This macro lens is dazzling. At its full extension the working distance is like 3 inches, and the textures I’m getting… I can’t wait to get something postable.

Macro is a Harsh Mistress

This one was an eBay photo for a doll my wife never “bonded” with. It sold in like 10 minutes for US$60.

Doll Stuff for Sale-16

This was for portrait practice, using a Lowel Ego light and the reflector that came with it, along with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to get the dynamic range under control.

I Just Couldn