I’ve decided that my 2008 New Year’s Resolution is never to make any more of them. It’s just another day; I should not wait around for some arbitrary number to change to start doing something I know I should be doing.

For example, in late November I decided to stop eating crap. I’ve had several Cokes a day for probably twenty years (works out to well over 20,000!) and have eaten fast food so frequently that I stopped grocery shopping for anything other than snacks. I’m pretty overweight of course, though my weight had strangely remained flat since at least 2004. But I finally started gaining again, and it was getting in my way. I didn’t want photos taken. And I’m also a little worried about, well, dying, so… I stopped. Apart from missing out on some great goodies, I can’t see why I should have waited until January first.

What makes that one particular day worth waiting for? To me, there isn’t anything significant about the change in the year, only that I’ve decided.  That was the day I celebrate.  (Well, sort of.  I don’t remember which exact day it was, actually.)

I managed not to gain weight  over the holiday, too.  I might have lost some, I’ve only weighed myself a few times since I changed my diet; I’m more about making the belly vanish and being healthier.  That’s worth celebrating.  If I could stick to it through this delicious holiday, I think I can make it through 2008.

If I decide I ought to do something, I resolve to just start doing it then and there, instead of waiting for some arbitrary day.