I hired these guys to come take care of this huge tree in the backyard. It provides a lot of shade and conceals a lot of the surrounding suburbia. There was a miscommunication — I didn’t really get what the guy was saying. He cut all of the lower branches, leaving the ones at the top (taller than our 2-story house). Shosh lost her privacy in her bedroom, her shade, her view out the window where her computer is, and her shield from the relentless suburbia. She is currently alternating between wailing and railing at me and yelling at me to leave her alone. She let the guys have it and they’re trying to assure her that come spring it’ll come back fuller and healthier, but she’s convinced that it will take 2 years for the tree to recover, like it did from the last “butcher job”.

Boy is she upset.

I actually can’t think of anything I have ever done that got her this upset.

I sure hope this dude is right.

Cut the Tree

The sign Grey (age 5 1/2) posted on the front door chastising the tree care people: “Mom didn’t want the tree cut that high.  You guys made mom cry.”