Tagged already — I haven’t even told anyone about this blog!

  1. I sleep with a teddy bear. It was a re-gift from a girlfriend. Her ex had named it Cletus. I renamed it Cloetus. (At the time, my favorite album was Nail, by Scraping Foetus off the Wheel.) I like the way he fits under my arm. He has no personality whatsoever.
  2. There is a kind of scrub that grows in sandy shallows, covering large areas just offshore in many parts of the world. I cannot swim or snorkel over this particular marine plant. I panic. I have no idea why. It grows maybe four inches tall and cannot hide anything particularly dangerous. Nothing else freaks me out like that except for kelp forests (which actually can be dangerous).
  3. If I am using a mouse with a ball, and there is a bit of dirt making the ball rumble as I use the mouse, I must stop what I am doing and clean the mouse immediately. It doesn’t matter if I’m on someone else’s computer, or if I’m doing a demo in front of a crowd. To say this is inconsistent with the rest of my cleaning habits would be an understatement.
  4. I cannot tolerate inefficiency and repetitive action. I will spend three hours making a two-hour job take one hour. This makes complete sense to me.
  5. I have completely forgotten how to write in cursive. I’ve used a printed hand for everything since I was about 15. This cost me a perfect score in a French class that required the creation of a C.V. in longhand cursive. I simply could not do it.
  6. I don’t usually remember things as a sequence of events. I remember them based on what I would have done, given the circumstances. (Depositions are very difficult for me.)

I think everyone I know has been tagged, so I’m not going to tag anyone else.