I present to you the latest exhibit of evidence for the decline of civilization. Last night, I was shopping at a suburban Safeway in San Jose. While fending off some Celine Dion song with the Tom Waits collection on my iPod, i spotted this.

Rocky Horror Picture Show at Safeway

The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the cheapie DVD rack at Safeway, alongside That’s So Hannah Montana and others. While Celine Dion was playing.

How can this be?

Actually, why the hell is it on DVD in the first place? No one seriously watches it in their home, do they? I imagine thousands of mystified people: “Why would anyone risk grounding to sneak out in the middle of the night to watch this? This movie’s kinda lame.” Does it have an alternate soundtrack with everybody hollering? That would be mystifying too.(“I dunno — MST3K is funnier.”)

Now, I could never tolerate going to see it performed now — I kind of outgrew it in my late teens. But I would never deny the influence it had on me — it was an important part of what made me weird growing up. But it certainly wasn’t the actual movie, which is barely watchable for heterosexual males like me. It was the communal experience, of course.

Is there somebody out there who can explain why the world needs Rocky Horror on DVD?